Argentine Tango Boot Camp Dec 19, 2015

2015-06-20 001
Always wanted to learn Argentine Tango, but your busy schedule gets in the way of weekly lessons? This action-packed day is for you!


(New topics from last time! See below.)

Take ONE or BOTH levels.
$5 off the second level if you take both.

INSTRUCTORS: Alla Lakov and Yves Chretien

$72 regular registration
$60 early bird registration (one week in advance, i.e. through 10/3).

Extreme Dancesport

26 New St, Ste 3, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138


– The topics of this intermediate boot camp are different from our previous versions. Even if you’ve taken our intermediate level before, join us again for new discoveries!
– No partner or prior experience required!
– Pre-registration is required for an acceptable leader/follower ratio. A wait list will be implemented if the ratio becomes imbalanced, so register early to guarantee your spot.
– Bring a snack and drinks to get you through the day.
– Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. We will have small breaks, but expect to dance a lot!


If you’ve never taken a dance lesson in your life, or if you’ve taken some tango lessons but want to solidify your fundamentals, this is the perfect way to start. Starting from the basic movements of tango, you’ll learn what it is about the tango embrace and the tango walk that distinguish this dance from all others.

11:00-12:00 – The Walk and The Embrace
When you look at a photograph, how can you tell that the couple is dancing tango? It’s the embrace and the walk.

12:00-1:00 – The Cross: the most useful and beautiful step in tango.

1:00-2:00 – Ochos: The Elegance
If one movement is the “signature” of tango, it’s the ocho. Learn how one single movement embodies the elegance that has inspired generations of dancers.

***After the Beginner Boot Camp, we highly recommend continuing with the Intermediate level to solidify what you have learned.***

For those who have completed either (i) the Beginner Boot Camp, or (ii) at least one complete introductory lesson series in tango (e.g., at least 6 lessons or so). Using three different ideas, we’ll show you how to combine and adapt the fundamental elements of tango – walking, ochos, crosses – to produce endless creativity in your dance.

2:00-3:00 Boleos
Who isn’t captivated when a follower snaps her leg in a swift, elegant kick? Learn how to lead (leaders) and execute (followers) these “kicks”, called boleos, to add a powerful and exciting accent to your dance.

3:00-4:00 Vals
Ever dream of waltzing the night away? Did you know that there’s an exciting genre of tango music set to waltz tempo, called vals, in which your tango steps can create graceful turns with your partner? By integrating steps you’ve already learned with the musicality of vals, you’ll soon be swirling endlessly around the dance floor.

4:00-5:00 Paradas
If there’s a truly magic moment in tango, it’s the parada. The moment where time stands still for deep connection between partners. Your friends will know you’re a tango dancer when they see this.

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