Boston Open Air Milonga

Every Saturday or Sunday
(check our calendar)
7:00pm – 11:00pm

The event will take place at
Balera Ballroom Dance Studio
in Newton.

105 Rumford Ave
Auburndale, MA 02466

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Boston Open Air Milonga

Dear Dancers

Boston Open Air Milonga gets huge attention and generates tremendous feedback. The video from our first Milonga got over 36k views!

It is so exciting that we are moving towards reopening tango, as more and more dancers feel safe and choose to participate in our Milonga!

As you know, the state of MA Phase 3 guidelines for social events have now been published. Please follow the state and city rules and guidelines – that will allow us to continue with this Milonga.

We are trying our best to keep this Milonga safe for all of us and create and maintain an atmosphere where everybody feels comfortable. Many dancers are already vaccinated and ready to change partners, others would dance only within their group, some dancers would only dance with their partner, and some dancers come to Milonga just to observe and enjoy the music and the atmosphere. Let’s respect everyone’s decision and help everybody to feel safe in their own way. In an effort to support your decision we have colored stickers, please choose yours:

  • GREEN – I am vaccinated OR tested positive for ANTIBodies OR tested negative for COVID, and I am open to change partners.
  • YELLOW – I am changing partners only with my group.
  • RED – I am dancing with my partner only.

Our Milongas Rules:

  • We dance in masks.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are provided.
  • Participants may not enter the event if feeling ill. Please stay home if you do not feel well. 
  • Please measure your temperature with the contactless thermometer.
  • The log of attendees is maintained by the event organizer.

We will be so happy to see all of your smiled masked faces and super excited to hug you. 

Thank you,
& Alex