BOSthón Testimonials

Alberto Garcia

BOSTHON Tango Marathon. I’m having a serious case of Tango Hangover Syndrome and my feet are swollen…Thank you all.

Sean Cosgrove, Pittsburgh, PA

+I’m happy again.  I will try to make it last until next year.
And I am so grateful for the new and renewed friendships. Everyone was amazing, what a rare treat BOSthon is.

Kasia Wisniewska, Longueuil, Canada

Thank you Peter & Alla for a beautiful weekend full of wonderful dancing, and a special thanks to all the volunteers, DJs, chefs, and old and new friends for being so welcoming! I am already looking forward to next year!

Robert Gatien

Thanks to everyone who helped put together a wonderful weekend. I truly enjoyed myself.
Eric Gebhart
, Asheville, NC

Thank you for a wonderful event! A full weekend of wonderful dancing and new friends.
Yvonne Tango

What a fantastic tango marathon weekend! See you all at BOSthon 2015!!
Laura Marie

+What an amazing weekend of epic dancing and delightful new connections. This was my very first tango marathon so I wanted to thank all the wonderful people who showed up to make this event so awesome and a special thank you to Alla and Peter for creating the space for such an awesome weekend of dancing, food and good conversations.

Zampetta BradiPi

+Big and warm THANK YOU to Alla Lakov and Peter Simoneau, voluteers, cooks, DJs for the great, nice and friendly event. I loved people and atmosphere, new FRIENDSHIPS  and the good dances. Beautiful to have such a great mix of people. Un abrazo tanguero y hasta la próxima, Piera

Liga Losseva

Thank you Alla Lakov and Peter Simoneau and all the volunteers for a great weekend!

Tanya Nagel, Rochester, NY

Not even home 2 hours, and I’m craving more. To everyone involved: thank you!

Yomei Shaw

Thanks to Alla and Peter, volunteers, Djs, Grisha, dancers, and last but not least amazing chefs for a wonderful weekend! It was especially nice to be able to enjoy the nice weather outside with the music and dance floor :)))
Gene Gorokhovsky

Thank you! Marvelous job organizing this beautiful event, and what a rush to dance in it.

Rachel Seidel

Thank you, Alla and Peter, you did Boston, Bosthon, and yourselves, proud!

Jean-Sébastien Viard

Thank you for the beautiful event, Alla and Peter, as well as all the volunteers  I couldn’t stop dancing so thank you to the DJs and all the great dancers who granted me one or more tandas  To mimick Bilbo : I don’t dance with half of you half as well as I should like and I certainly invite half of you half as well as you deserve  … I hope it came out right  See you all ASAP!
Boris Hayete
, Boston, MA

Dear hosts and fellow volunteers! Thanks for making this event happen!Anna and I enjoyed it tremendously, even though for us it was more like a 100-yard dash than a marathon. Next year, I hope!
Maria Triantafylli-Burns

Alla Lakov and Peter Simoneau thank you for the amazing marathon you put together!
Volunteers thank you for the exceptional job you did!
Everybody thank you for the wonderful energy you share with all!
Excellent music, food and tandas!

Anna Larsen, Ithaca, NY

Besides awesome music, beautiful venue, great food and lovely people – I also want to praise Alla and Peters emphasis on encouraging everyone to make new connections and meeting new people amongst us. Kudos for anti-clique atmosphere efforts. I never though it could work – but it did. Nothing ‘s impossible at BosThon!

Paul Bavineau

Thank you, Peter and Alla, for a wonderful weekend!

Corin Lee Girard

Rode my tango high all the way to work this morning, and the bucket of cold responsibility that landed on it, put it into immediate hibernation. Can I come back to BOSthon please?!

Alla & Peter and volunteers, you created a beautiful weekend, THANK YOU! DJs, the music was excellent! Fellow dancers…wow. Magical

James Oh

What an epic weekend of dancing. Can’t feel my legs. Hats off to Alla ,Peter & everyone helped. Expected nothing less. Just perfect.

Myriam Coco

Thanks for a great event! I had a great time and awesome memories!

Noelia Sol with Peter Simoneau and Alla Lakov, Grantham, NH

Thank you Bosthón and all who contributed to its wonderful vibe. As I listen to some of the tangos I danced in the past weekend on my iPod and as I drive alone northbound through New Hampshire the memories are vivid and I can’t help by smile, sing, and smile.

Gaia Banovich with Axis Tango Shoes

AxisTango loved being a part of BOSthon 2014! Huge thanks to everyone for a warm welcome & lovely time. And abrazos enormes to Alla & Peter & volunteers for a job well done!!! Can’t wait for 2015 edition! xo

Rahul Padmanabhan

I can’t feel my feet and am annoyed that I have a flight to catch this evening to leave. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this event being a complete blast. Great vibe, great people, amazing tandas.

Travis Michael Widrick, Buffalo, NY

Thank you BOSthón! Great time all around! Big thanks to Alla LakovPeter Simoneau and all the volunteers!
Dmitriy Baranovskiy

This was AWESOME! Thank you everyone for the wonderful time!

Marc Vanzwoll, Boston, MA

Thank you Alla and Peter for a wonderful evening and being such an excellent hosts. I’m already looking forward to next year!

Eduardo del Solar Amen to that, muchas gracias Alla and Peter….and hope you can recover from all that hard work

Okke VanOudgaarden

yet again post marathon blues, THANK YOU: DJ’s, cooks, vendors, volunteers, amazing dances ( both ladies & gent), photographers (colleagues), the turning leaves and lovely weather, hosts, awesome food, masseur, the venue….and above all Alla & Peter for putting up this amazing marathon. Now I get to re-live it all over again through the 500+ pics… stay tuned

Tatyana Karpenko, Boston, MA

Thank you all organizers for the wonderful time we had for three days!!!
Alla Lakov is registration for the BOSthons 2015 open yet?


I had such a beautiful time at your event. Thank you for doing such an amazing job.

It was magical and meant a lot to a lot of people.

Ana De Forge

In the car Sunday night with aching feet and a very full heart, on the radio began “I had the time of my life”  Many thanx to each of you – especially Alla and Peter for all your hard work, Selma Gabrielle Nane and everyone who offered their homes, my western mass/tango pulse peeps who always make me feel like I belong, all DJs for inspiring music (+ Grisha who took my breath away), and all the beautiful dancers who graciously gave me the chance to share so much joy. Do I really have to wait another year?

Burak Özkösem

Great event, focus on friendship 🙂 I got new friends and got to see old friends, had a lot of fun and lost my my voice. Thanks to Alla & Peter, and DJs and volunteers who kept the event running smoothly.

Avanti Mukherjee Alla, the theme of this years BOSThon was friendship so I think you would be interested in knowing, I got to know and become friends and then family with Rahul at the first edition of Bosthon  Big hugs.


Experiencing major tango withdrawal, dear friends. But for tango, I am happy, happy, happy to suffer — for a day or two!


Hello Alla and Peter, this is Rossella, the italian lady who lost her glasses ;( Want to thank you both for the wonderful time and hospitality you gave to all of us during this amazing week-end THANK YOU!


I had such a beautiful time at your event. Thank you for doing such an amazing job.

It was magical and meant a lot to a lot of people.

Marlana Patton

Peter and Alla,

A private message to thank you both for this marathon. You open Boston, and all of us, up to a bigger world with this event. And you give us these beautiful moments with each other.

These are the kinds of gifts that we can hold on to over time. And when life gets a little darker, we can take them out and savor their memory and feel light again.

Thank you!

– Marlana

Melanie Bergeron

Hello Alla! Thank you for your great évent! Everything was perfect!

Travis Michael Widrick

Dear Alla and Peter, Thank you again for having me as one of your Dj’s for BOSthon. It was a pleasure being a part of your event. Great work by both of you and your entire team. I hope you get a day to sleep. Hugs, Travis

Zoya Rotman

Solntze, i don’t know where and how you acquire your stamina and abilities, but to pull such a wonderful event takes a super-human. Kudos. it was superb!

Svetlana Pritzker

The most amazing event of the year!

Alla Mesh
‎ to Alla Lakov

Thank you very much for great weekend. It was really very well organized and I had so much fun. I found that people in Boston tango community much friendlier then in New York.
I am looking forward to visit Boston tango events again in the near future
I would love to go to BA for a week may be in November to dance, if you know anyone else who want to go to BA and looking for travel partner please let me know
Best regards Alla . I

Svetlana Pritzker‎, Chicago, IL  to Alla Lakov

Hi Allochka, Thank you again for an amazing time in Boston. You are a great organizer for sure, but what is more important you are Chelovek s bolshoy bukvy and we could feel it while in your event and in your presence. Keep dancing, keep smiling, keep feeding hungry tangoaras and keep your flame burning. We felt your big heart and warm welcome. Thank you!

Marina Gemma I entirely second that! You are a great woman, Alla, in all the best ways! And your generosity of spirit made the festival glow. Thank you!

Marina Gemma Trully, Allochka, we all cannot thank you enough. The work, thought, care, love you put into the festival were astonishing and a great gift to all who took part!

Alberto Garcia

By looking at the photos, I can’t help but re-live the moments, experience once again the emotions and the energy of the people that attended the wonderful BOSTHON Tango Marathon. Thanks for the memories.

Alla Mesh

Thank you very much for wonderful weekend. It was perfectly organized including DJs, food, volunteers and etc. I found that people in Boston were very friendly and eager to accept you to their community. You do not see it usually in New York City. I am going to cherish a memory of the event for long time. I am looking forward for the next time


O.M.G. My feet hurt so much.
I met some wonderful dancers from all over – N Carolina, Chicago, Philly, My tango cup runneth over. Thanks Alla and PeterDawn,Nanying, and everyone at the marathon. XOXO

Thank you



I had a blast at BOSthón this weekend! Many thanks to all the organizers, the DJ’s, the awesome dancers who gave me blissful tandas and the beautiful (old and new) friends who made my time there even better Abrazos y hasta pronto!

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