There are many ways to enjoy tango

Below you can choose the best way for you

Private and Group Lessons

My lessons focus on social tango, helping you understand the community, rules, feelings, embrace, and connection as well as the dance moves. I adapt the way that I teach to the way you learn best.

Wedding Dances

Wedding dances are not about the dance moves. They’re about traditions, family, and the couple’s personality.

I work with my couples to ensure the dance is perfectly paired to everything from the music to the dress, and coordinate with photographers and videographers to perfectly capture your memories.


A tango performance is a great way to spice up your next birthday, corporate event, or festival! I can come to perform or even teach a fun class for you and your friends or colleagues.


Our doors are always open to everyone, and we will be happy to see you at Boston Open Air Milongas!


Talk to me about DJing your Milonga’s, Practica’s, Festivals, and special events. I can cater the music to be traditional or alternative styles, and will work with you to put together the perfect playlist for your event.


This three hour intensive class will lay the foundations of Argentine Tango basics and teach you to be comfortable with the most popular steps used in today.